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I am Chio León, a Seville born designer always in love with fabrics, colours, textures since I was a child.

I launched my own studio after working for more than 15 years experience in textiles, interior and surface design for multinational brands in fashion and interior retail markets. Chio León OLALOLA, is a Madrid, Spain-based design studio where I work in these projects (and for seven years working and living in Florida, USA).

  *  W a l l c o v e r i n g   C o l l e c t i o n s   /  T e x t i l e  D e s i g n : 

For Interior and Fashion markets. Textiles are in hand painted and watercolor media with a fresh and sophisticated style. Different services depending of the clients specifications and style of your company. Repeat and different colorways product development if required.

   *  D e c o r   D e s i g n   C o n s u l t a n t : 

Interior decorator with years of experience to create contemporary flair houses, apartments, lofts, ...trend colors, furniture arrangements, textiles, wall arts...

   *  B r a n d   g r a p h i c   d e s i g n :  

Original logo concept (or renewal), style guide, printed accessories such business card, marketing components and client and retail packaging. 


   *  S e t   d e c o r a t o r : 

For Fashion and Interior markets: Magazine, ads, commercials... Everything in front of your camera to get the best shoot for background scenery.



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Samples & color charts
Olalola Chio Leon Studio
Chio Leon & Manolo Yllera
Chio Leon for Lienzo
Chio Leon for Ka- International
Olalola Chio Leon
Polaroid con acuarela
OLALOLA Studio Tucanes final 2 rrss
Chio Leon
Olalola Chio Leon
Olalola Studio Samples
wallpaper KA
Brushstroke La Gotta Swimwear
Olalola Chio Leon
Olalola Chio Leon
Marangoni fashion
Chio Leon for Lienzo
Olalola Chio Leon